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Writers4Higher features Stephen Wetta

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This issue, Writers4Higher features
Stephen Wetta

Hi, Stephen. Welcome to the Writers4Higher family!

1. Tell me about yourself. Your book(s), your life, your inspiration.

My life is the usual human mess, and I've made it worse by wanting to write books. I have no grand plan as a writer, I simply put things down as they come to me.

I grew up in Richmond without making any mark on the town, and I moved to NYC when I was in my thirties. I did in New York what most people do: worked and struggled and pretended to be involved in interesting things. I wrote a novel about 1950s rock and roll and tried to sell it and almost did. I got a Ph.D. and began to teach and somehow that became my career. To my surprise, Amy Einhorn agreed to publish another novel I wrote (called If Jack's in Love), which has sold modestly and gotten some good reviews. It won the 2011 Willie Mitchell Award for Southern Fiction.

2. Where do you see your writing taking you in the future?
I have several novels on my hard drive. One involves a hostage situation, a Louisiana hurricane, William Blake and Old Testament prophecy. My rockabilly novel still stands: I've rewritten it, and I hope that it (and my Louisiana hurricane novel) will some day see the light of day. At the moment I'm attempting a narrative set in Brooklyn, although I'm not sure I'm committed to it.

3. How do you use your talents/time to help others?

I can't say I see myself as being much of a help to anyone. With my 57-year-old back I can't even help others lift furniture. The best I can do now is serve as a cautionary tale for young people.

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Thanks so much, Stephen! Look forward to more of your writing!

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