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Writers4Higher features Linda Heavner Gerald

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This issue, Writers4Higher features

Linda Heavner Gerald

Hi, Linda. Welcome to the Writers4Higher family!

  1. Tell me about yourself. Your book(s), your life, your inspiration
I am retired with my husband on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico in Florida. My only son and grandson live in Dallas, Texas. This allows me plenty of time to write. Although keeping up with my husband is a full-time job. Currently, I have five published novels with one on the way.

Beaufort Betrayal is the thriller which started my writing. For over a year, each night, I had a vision. A young woman walked the streets of my beloved Beaufort, N.C., where I have sailed frequently. The woman was not me. And she was in trouble. She had no memory. The sound of the wind gently brushing a halyard against a sailboat mast in the sleepy marina told her she was a sailor, but that was all she could remember. The wave of a man from the balcony across the street caused her to walk in that direction. The man rushed from the house and ushered her inside. Was he a savior or was she entering hell?

Rosemary Beach and Will He? are also Thrillers. Will He? is set in Frascati, Italy. This tale of ancestral lies and deceit set amidst the ruins of Italy required a great deal of research.

Dusty the Island Dog is a children's book, for the child in everyone. Have you ever dreamed of life in the islands? This tale of two real dogs that remain legends in Abaco, Bahamas, is touching. The story begins when Dusty's mother does not return home. The panic and fear consuming her is all too familiar to anyone who has lost a loved one, and particularly helpful for a child who has experienced loss or abuse. Yet Dusty learns that life goes on with happiness waiting.

My current book is Till Heaven Then Forever. Brian and Lily have it all, or do they? If you believe the world's version of happiness and success, they indeed do. Yet Lily feels an emptiness that the allure of wealth can't provide. The man of her dreams, home in the islands, and plenty of money can't fill the hole inside.
Soon to be released, Confessions of an Assassin, set in Bali, Indonesia, is a thriller. This book is my crown jewel!

My inspiration began with Beaufort Betrayal. A need to express myself and demonstrate through my writing that we are all basically the same. Each morning, we set out with our "together" face but inside, we harbor fear and insecurity. Each of us is flawed. Yet there is a love around us, awaiting discovery; in doing so, we find that each person is beautiful and deserves love and respect.
  1. Where do you see your writing taking you in the future?
I would love to say producing a "best-selling novel," but with all of the writers and books, that may be a little difficult. Cultivating readers who look forward to a new book from me would be satisfying. The blessing of writing is such a joy and provides inspiration each day. The act of writing is fulfilling, but saying something that helps lift the strain of life is glorious.
  1.  How do you use your talents and time to help others? 
My goal is to write something of substance. A good book is one you finish with a smile. A great book is one you finish and contemplate for some time, even telling others.
There is so much junk out there, filled with fantasy and distortions. Real life is difficult. What if you are able to read a great story, and take something into your everyday life that may make it better? With my medical background, I hope to introduce issues that face us today. Macular degeneration, depression, and grief are a few topics my books have presented, with current treatments. Most important is to encourage people with goals and dreams not to give up. The American Dream is within reach. Keep believing and doing the right thing while showing love and respect to those in your live. You can find happiness.

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