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Writers4Higher features author Rick Burnham

Hi Rick. Welcome to the Writers4Higher family!

1.     Tell me about yourself. Your book(s), your life, your inspiration.

I am originally from Jasper, Fla., a small town about an hour or so east of Tallahassee. That is where my heart is, and that is where a few of the fictional towns from my book are located.

The Air Force took me away from all that – at least for 22 years. But I was able to see the world, and visit places that I would almost certainly have missed otherwise. Korea. Panama. Portugal. Washington, DC.

Education came a little later than most. I have a couple of undergraduate degrees: Psychology from Saint Leo, and English from Valdosta State. I absolutely enjoy the classroom. Just a little weird like that, I guess.

I also enjoy writing, obviously. My first attempt, “Lute Casey, Redneck Vampire,” is a curious little cross between Stephen King and Jeff Foxworthy and was more fun to write than I care to admit. The second took a more serious turn. “Moon Over Berlin” follows my father’s trek through WWII, with a nice little fictional jaunt thrown in for fun. It was my intent to get it into his hands while he was still here, and I was very happy to achieve that.

The plot of my third and current book, “Hank: The Storyteller’s Story” is a bit more involved than the first two. At its core, I guess, “Hank” is a love story, though it is more about the bonds of family and friendship than romance. Sorry, no “50 Shades” this time around.

I currently live in Cairo, Ga. with my wife Stephanie, and work at the Florida Department of Elder Affairs. I have been there for two-and-a-half years.

2.     Where do you see your writing taking you in the future?

My job at the Department of Elder Affairs gives me the opportunity to meet and talk with a great number of elders living in the state of Florida. I mention that because I believe our elders to be a tremendous source of inspiration. They are an absolute treat to talk to, and their stories and experiences are a veritable treasure trove of material. If there has been one theme with my books, it has been “old folks talking.” I intend to explore that path a bit more thoroughly.

3.     How do you use your talents/time to help others?

A couple of ways. Through the newspaper of the Department of Elder Affairs (The Elder Update), I am able to tell the stories of a few of our citizens here in the state. I enjoy doing it, and if my work brings an enhanced sense of pride and satisfaction for the people I write about, along with those who read my stories, then I have done my job.

Also, I have been blessed with a very (very) vivid imagination, and if the stories I put down on paper offer any respite at all from world events for my readers, then all the better.

Readers can connect with Rick at:

Thank you, Rick. 

We wish you the very best!

Rhett DeVane, author and blogmaster

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