Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Thanksgiving Note from Writers4Higher

Welcome to Writers4Higher
Thanksgiving...our time to stop for a few moments of peace.
Peace is a wonderful concept, but most creative ventures depend on the lack of peace. As writers, we need to remain unsettled, to question, to strive for answers.
Here's a little ditty I wrote at a recent writers' retreat, Fiction Among Friends.
Pearls arise from irritated oysters.
Writers depend on life to provide challenges;
 we look for the grains of sand
to burr beneath our spirits.
Remember the lesson.
Have gratitude for the sand.
And may you always stay irritated.
Rhett DeVane
Fiction Among Friends
November 2012
It's been an interesting few months on this blog. I've learned some amazing things about my writer friends. Boy, are they one talented and caring group of folks.

As a Southern woman, I was raised to be somewhat retiring...not that the training "took." Mama said, "while it is okay to toot your own horn, don't start up the whole band."
On this blog, I am happy to be the one prodding these authors to at least toot a few notes. We never know the golden qualities of those around us. At least, I have the opportunity to showcase those qualities on the Writers4Higher blog.
At this season of Thanksgiving, I urge all of you to pause and take the time to do something for someone else. Even a small stone skipped across a big pond can send ripples in every direction. You never know who you will touch.
My best to all of you! And may you stay irritated in a good way.
Rhett DeVane
Moderator, Writers4Higher




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  1. This has been an amazing blog; so many people doing so many acts of kindness.

    While we do, as writers, seem to need that unsettled feeling to think up a good story, it's nice this week to relax--if we can.



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