Saturday, August 20, 2016

Writers4Higher features Michael Kinnett

Hi Michael. Thank you for joining us on Writers4Higher!


Tell me about yourself, your book, your life, your inspiration.

I would like to introduce myself; Michael Kinnett, I am a new author at Southern Yellow Pine Publishing. 

 After a working career and raising two daughters, my wife and I moved to the Florida Panhandle. It was in the historic town of Apalachicola that I began creating and caring for the Orman House State Park Museum. When I started, the house was an empty shell. Immersed in local history, I now enjoy sharing Apalachicola’s rich heritage with thousands of visitors from around the world. Apalachicola Pearl was born from my passion for the town’s history and its people. My sincere wish is for you to enjoy reading Apalachicola Pearl as much as I enjoyed writing her.

  Where do you see your writing taking you in the future?

When it comes to writing these days it’s not as though I have much choice. With the storyline for Apalachicola Pearl stuck in my head I didn’t sleep for four month until I had it all down on paper. There were times I questioned if a seven year old girl from the 1800s might have been channeling through me. I will continue writing just for pleasure, I love a well told story.

 How do you use your talents/time to help others?

I am a story teller and interpreter for the Florida State Park Service at Orman House State Park Museum. My passion is in sharing the rich heritage of Apalachicola, Florida, with all who would listen. I feel as though I have done my job when young people become inspired by history and want to learn more.

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Michael's  first novel is being published and will be ready to ship on August 18th.

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Apalachicola Pearl will be available on Amazon after August 18th.

Thank you again, sir. Best to you and your writing!

Rhett DeVane, southern fiction author and blogmaster

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