Saturday, May 7, 2016

Writers4Higher revisits author Ann Marie Bryan

Writers4Higher revisits a member of 

the Writers4Higher family of talented authors

Ann Marie Bryan

Ann Marie Bryan is a dedicated, graceful, multi-talented leader with a
passion for excellence. She is the CEO and Founder of Victorious By
Design, an organization dedicated to providing top quality professional
writing services, comprehensive personal and professional development
programs and exceptional performing arts services to meet the unique
needs of individuals and organizations. Ann Marie’s greatest passion is
to empower others to succeed by tapping into their God given potential.
She enjoys dancing, teaching, writing, meeting people and traveling.


Mirrored Hearts: Sealed by Fire
Book 2 - Encounters of the Heart series

Two hearts. Mirrored secrets. The ultimate solution – A marriage sealed 
by fire.


From #1 Amazon Bestselling author Ann Marie Bryan comes this stirring 
and deeply satisfying new addition in the Encounters of the Heart 
series, about the struggles of two broken hearts, mended by enduring 
love and sealed by fire.

When life takes unexpected twists and secrets are laid bare - remember 
to breathe.

Larry Kanate and his wife, Rozene, would be considered a modern day 
power couple. Years in the making, they have managed to keep love alive 
while supporting each other’s dreams.

Their undeniable love connection is unshakeable… seemingly unbreakable, 
until Larry discovers his wife’s crushing secret. As their 
picture-perfect world falls apart, she does everything in her power to 
get away from her past sin, but he is bent on never letting her forget 
it, all the while keeping his “little secret” close to his heart.

When Larry’s day of reckoning comes, will fear hold him hostage or will 
he be completely honest with himself and God? Will their marriage be 
strong enough to survive mirrored secrets? Will their faith help them to 
handle the ultimate solution – a marriage sealed by fire?

Shades of the Heart
Book 1 - Encounters of the Heart series

A shocking turn of events. Past and present secrets revealed. Things 
will never be the same. Will they find the courage to forgive and create 
a love for all times?


Book 3 - Encounters of the Heart series

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Thank you, Ann Marie!
Continued success to you!

Rhett DeVane
author and blogmaster

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