Sunday, December 20, 2015

Merry and Happy whatever you celebrate....from Writers4Higher

The year's-end holiday in my family revolves around the celebration of Christmas. Wrapping gifts with the involvement of a pet (usually a cat, as the dogs historically only got involved if food was involved), a bit of baking, seeing family and friends, and southern comfort food. Okay, so the traffic makes me a little more nutso than usual, but I do get a kick from the random discussions with complete strangers in the toy aisle. This year, a few of us gathered around a robotic dinosaur that could be "taught to belch and fart." Wow. Sometimes there truly are no words. :)

I am so very fortunate. Period. In all ways. In regards to the Writers4Higher blog, I have been impressed by the posts of my fellow authors and others affiliated with this writers' life. 

The media would have us believe that people are inherently evil, intent on destruction. This blog confirms the opposite: a far greater number of humans are kind, willing to give their time and gifts to uplift, sustain, and inspire. 

I thank you all for that. We are staging our own quiet version of a revolution.

May you have a wonderful holiday, whatever you celebrate. Allow yourself to take a deep breath and enjoy.

See you all in January, with more talented authors and writer-ly folks.

Rhett DeVane
southern fiction author and blogmaster 

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  1. Happy Holidays, Rhett! May you have the happiest of New Years.


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