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Writers4Higher welcomes Susan Mary Malone, editor and author

Hi Susan! Welcome to Writers4Higher.

Tell me about yourself, your business, and the connection with the writing world.

I’m an award-winning author and editor, with 6 Traditionally published books to my credit (2 novels and 4 works of co-authored nonfiction), and nearly 50 books I’ve edited sold to Traditional publishers.  The latest is Randy Denmon’s post-Civil-War Historical novel, Lords of an Empty Land, which sold on a 2-book deal to Kensington. 

I spend my days immersed in a world of words!  Writing, editing, teaching writing.  Is there another way to live?  LOL.

How do you work with authors?

Okay, this is a long one!  But I’ll try to be brief J

I'm a developmental editor (as opposed to just a copy editor), so my work is very, very thorough. The market is very, very specific as to how books must conform to different genres and sub-genres, which isn't terribly apparent from the outside.  I take an all-encompassing, multi-pronged manner to this, as all manuscripts—from first-time writers to seasoned ones—need a great editor to dig down to the bones and then bounce everything off of.  The most successful method for bringing a manuscript to publication is to attend to all aspects of it under one large umbrella.

To that end, I first do a thorough substantive edit (genre-specific when called for, including a host of examples and suggestions and discussion, all over the pages, illustrating every point made), an in-depth and comprehensive critique (15-30 pages, correlated specifically to the manuscript and delving into characterization, plotting and pacing, organization and structure, flow, voice and tone, all literary devices and stylistic elements, and overall substance).  

The second part of this process, mentoring, then begins with unlimited follow-up/coaching through revisions and beyond.  Once revisions are complete, you’ll send it back to me for the third step—a copyedit/review of the revised manuscript.  That way, we both know the book is truly ready to market. 

I'm an editor of the old school—entirely hands on—so I don't just send the work back and say good luck. And a big part of my job is teaching all the elements of great fiction and nonfiction, so that writers absolutely can apply that to their next works.  Most importantly, I'm here as coach for as long as they need me.

You can see some of my authors' books on my website, along with what they say about working with me:

Do you write as well as contribute through your business? Please share!

Oh, do I ever write!  LOL.  I’m working on a novel now that’s set in a Texas vineyard and winery. Tough research!  But I’m quite up to the task J  I have a novel coming out in September.

I also blog 5 days a week 

I write in the mornings, then edit through the afternoons.
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Thank you for joining us on Writers4Higher, Susan!
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