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Writers4Higher features Roberta Burton

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The purpose of the Writers4Higher blog: to feature authors in a new light, a fresh look at the way writers use their talents and life energies to uplift humankind. Writers4Higher doesn’t promote religious or political views. Authors are asked to answer three simple questions: simple, yet complex.

This issue, Writers4Higher features

Roberta Burton

Hi, Roberta. Welcome to the Writers4Higher family!

Tell me about yourself.  Your book(s), your life, your inspiration.

I have lived in Florida most of my life, and in Tallahassee longer than any other place. I came to Tallahassee to get my doctorate, but the Universe had other lessons for me in this town. One of those lessons was that I was destined to write a novel. However, it was not until I learned of OLLI, the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at FSU, that I began my journey. I started by writing pieces for our small Writers’ Group. Our group began finding teachers to instruct us. I took online Writer’s Digest classes until I began to form my novel. I continue to take classes online and with OLLI. I bought books whenever one was recommended until I now have an entire wall of writing books. I attended writing conferences and took writing workshops, until finally through this wonderful community of writers, I have a published novel. I have also learned from reading novels, sometimes as many as three a week in many genres.

 Where do you see your writing taking you in the future?

I have begun my second novel about Lee Lindsey, another literary fiction tale with a philosophical twist on time. This tale features an antagonist, as well as at least one other character, from The Burgundy Briefcase. A third planned novel features yet another character from the original book.

How do you use your talents/time to help others? 

My blog is set up to answer, free of charge, relationship, addiction, and domestic violence questions from anyone who has a question in these areas. I just ask that the questioner use a pseudonym. I critique work for other writers and write reviews. I am a sometimes coach for writers who ask for accountability. I am always available to listen whether about a life problem or to a piece of writing.

The Burgundy Briefcase is available in print and e-book versions through Amazon.

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