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Writers4Higher features William Mark

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This issue, Writers4Higher features

William Mark

Hi, William. Welcome to the Writers4Higher family!

Tell me about yourself. Your book(s), your inspiration.

As a kid I was always enamored by movies.  As an adult I developed a love for books and consider myself an avid reader.  What I discovered is that I was drawn to the story, no matter if it was a high dollar Hollywood blockbuster, international conspiracy or the more dramatic and low budget.  If the story was captivating, I enjoyed it.  So, as a writer I strive to tell a good story. 

My grandfather was a great inspiration in my life and my drive to write.  I write under a pen name that is a tribute to him as the name is a variation of his.  He was a college professor for many years and opened up a book store upon his retirement.  It was from his love for books.  As a kid, my brother and cousins used to hang out and run around the bookstore before realizing the value held on the shelves up and down the aisles.  To this day I love bookstores.  The smell brings me back to the days I sat and worked the bookstore while my grandfather was out for the day.  

As I moved through college I was struck by a good idea for a story.  I enjoyed writing whenever it wasn’t for a grade, so I pitched my idea.  He liked it, but added I needed a love interest.  Initially I disagreed, but after a moment of thought and a quick review of the story, I realized he was actually right.  At that point I knew he was perfect to help me create a great story and I was eager to get started.  However, he died shortly thereafter from complications following a necessary surgery.  I continued writing with his spirit guiding me along the way and I try to make him proud.

For the last thirteen years I’ve worked as police officer and held many different positions such as patrol officer, Field Training Officer, Robbery Investigator and Homicide Investigator.  I have also worked as a SWAT Officer for over four years.  As a cop I patrolled the most dangerous beats looking everywhere for the outlaws, drug dealers, and thieves.  My initial draw to the job was a bit of a cliché.  I wanted to help people, but will admit the foot chases, guns, fights and car chases may have held a fair share of the influence.  But as I got into the job, I realized that I was driven by finding the person who tries to get away with it.  That translated into a tenacity that has earned me a reputation of always finding the guilty.  But with that tenacity comes passion, and with passion comes disappointment.  This disappointment is bred from the flawed Criminal Justice System that has been perverted to the point of disgust.  However, I learned and accepted that it is the only one we have.  I’m still working on how to fix it.

So, I’ve actually chased a suspect down a dark alley, pointed a gun at a suspect with the anticipation of taking his life, and hunted a homicide suspect, sat across the table from rapists, murderers and robbers and gotten a confession.  Needless to say with my experience, I have plenty to fill the pages of many novels.   But, I hope to tell a story that is real and gives the reader the experience that they are in the hip pocket of the police officer as he moves through the case, problem or situation. 
In From Behind the Blue Line, I use a culmination of real stories mixed with creative fiction to tell a story of revenge, trust and justice in the eyes of a father.

Where do you see your writing taking you in the future?   

Fame and fortune.  Then I wake up.  Honestly, I see myself still striving to build a base of readers.  Throughout my life and in many endeavors, from little league to police work, I have always pushed myself to be the best at what I do.  I recognize that is a tall order in the world of fictional writing, but I feel that my dedication to writing good stories that push the envelope and painting an intriguing picture I will find success and hopefully a spot on the New York Times best-seller list.

My second project is in the editing stage and a third is underway.  I have many fans demanding a sequel to From Behind the Blue Line, so I have that percolating in the hopper as well.  I’m excited to continue writing and only need the time, not the inspiration.  I have ideas for many other novels and even in different genre’s other than the crime thriller.

How do you use your talents/time to help others?

I have traveled around the state teaching criminal investigations and victim advocacy and enjoy it immensely.  I also have gotten involved in a youth leadership program started at my agency that I see tremendous potential in reaching young people.  It serves to provide guidance and real world building blocks on finding success as well as leading others in the future.  I see the program expanding fast throughout the country and becoming widely accepted.
Outside of that, I focus my energy in the lives of my three children and my beautiful wife. 

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