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Writers4Higher features Rhett DeVane

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The purpose of the Writers4Higher blog: to feature authors in a new light, a fresh look at the way writers use their talents and life energies to uplift humankind. Writers4Higher doesn’t promote religious or political views. Authors are asked to answer three simple questions: simple, yet complex.

This issue, Writers4Higher features

Rhett DeVane, the humble
Writers4Higher blog master.

It’s been two years now. The Writers4Higher blog has gained its legs and is going strong. I am thrilled to see people from across the globe tuning in to read about the fine featured authors. Hosting this blog has greatly enriched my life, as I have met so many talented, kind people.

Seems only fair that I answer my own probing questions for this two-year anniversary post.  Here goes:

1. Tell me about yourself. Your book(s), your life, your inspiration.

I am a born and bred Southern woman, from the somewhat rolling hills of North Florida, United States. Originally, from the small town of Chattahoochee, Florida, I have called Tallahassee my home for over thirty-five years.

In my professional life, I am a dental hygienist. This field has provided financial stability and the opportunity to get to know many quality people. I love my patients, and after all of these years, consider them friends. Bless their hearts, they have listened to me as I discussed the latest plot lines, characters, and upcoming releases—mixed in with their care and the required home care instructions, of course.

I look for humor. And I don’t have to search far. Seems I can’t help tripping over some wild situation, some crazy family story, or newspaper article. Humans provide more than enough inspiration for my stories, and the occasional dream.

My latest novel, Suicide Supper Club, found its seed in a funny conversation with my sweet mama. I was her caretaker for the final five years of her life, and we discussed everything, especially end of life issues.

My small-town upbringing provides the inspiration for my writing. I scrape through memories, ask questions of relatives, and keep my eyes and ears open at family gatherings. At one time, they ran from me. Now, they come forward.

2. Where do you see your writing taking you in the future?

Wherever it leads, I shall follow. I have a number of novels in first draft, ready for revisions. Not only my Southern fiction series, but middle grade fiction as well: two middle grade fiction series are in the works. Elsbeth and Sim, book one in the Tales from the Emerald Mountains series was released in October of 2013, with plans for book two in the fall of 2014. I pen a few reviews for the Tallahassee Writers Association blog, as time permits, and have reviewed novels for Southern Literary Review.

3. How do you use your talents/time to help others?

For my fellow authors, I host this blog—Writers4Higher. I see my fellow authors as friends, not competition. I have met so many fine people, and hope to meet more. We are put on this earth to help each other. Through Writers4Higher, I promote this philosophy.

As I continue on this writer’s journey, I will continue to gift a portion of my royalties to benefit charities I hold dear. To this end, I frequently donate to local people of my choice. I know where the money goes. I like that.

Would you like to find Rhett?

Check out the links:

Rhett's Website
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Order Elsbeth and Sim on Amazon
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Rhett DeVane
Fiction with a Southern Twist

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