Saturday, November 23, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving from Writers4Higher

Thanksgiving…hmm…gosh, there’s so much to be thankful for, I have a hard time picking out just one. Health, love, family, friends, food, shelter, job and a love for writing. Thank heavens, I am blessed to have a heaping share.

No matter if I grouse a bit about not being a svelte woman, or having an elephant’s share of smile lines, or dealing with texting drivers—any of the minor complaints peppering daily life—I really don’t have anything monumental to tally. Everyone snarks a bit. Keeps us from blowing up. We are human, after all, and thus flawed. Don’t the imperfections make us unique? I think so.

One of my favorite people came into the office this past week. Advanced age has robbed her of her eyesight and strength, but not her humor or love of life. She’s a writer too—we’ve shared many talks about this over the years—but can no longer pen her poetry, or read, due to failing vision. Still, she listens to audio books and comments about how “lovely” the words sound. She still has her British accent, even after many years in the United States. Her polished speech pours out, light and musical. I could listen forever, if we both had more time, which I fear we do not.

Her daughter and son recently culled her best poems from her computer files, compiled them into a collection entitled Pieces, and self-published a few copies. The day I received my copy in the mail, I cried. Though she had shared the lead poem “Pieces” with me, I had not read the others. Beautiful words from a beautiful woman. I cherish the book.

“Different people have told me which poem they like the best, as if I wrote that one just for them,” she said. “Poetry does that, resonates somewhere deep inside.”

So this Thanksgiving, I offer up praise for the people I have been honored to know. Such a variety of folks, all ages, all unique. 

The “lovely” line-up of talented authors that have joined me on this blog.

I thank God for allowing them all to grace my life.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Rhett DeVane

Writers4Higher blog administrator and fellow author.

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