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Writers4Higher features Gary "Dutch" Hinkle

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This issue, Writers4Higher features

Gary "Dutch" Hinkle

Hi, Dutch. Welcome to the Writers4Higher family!

1.          Tell me about yourself. Your book(s), your life, your inspiration.

For my high school yearbook, I was asked what is the best description of my life that was unfolding before me. Decades later, I saw my response again in writing. I had said, “To uniquely fulfill my destiny”(It really is !). If asked today, what is my measurement of living up to my response as a young man?

I am a martial arts “master” with an extensive background that spans 
over 45 years, and includes training in over two dozen different martial arts in the U.S., Europe, South America, and the Orient. With advanced Black Belts in over 9 disciplines and a PhD in Oriental Studies, I am considered an authority and an expert on self-defense and martial arts. I still teach martial arts to Black Belts from many disciplines every week.

I have been on over a dozen radio programs, one nationally syndicated program, as a special expert guest. Can be heard as FREE MP3 audio files on YouTube and iTunes) I have written several books and many articles on the internet on specific areas of self-defense and martial arts.

I am also an experienced, internationally Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and business fraud investigator. While I ran my own business consulting company in Oklahoma, I also became a Licensed Crime & Fidelity Bond Adjuster. I have conducted many presentations to many business organizations in the areas of business fraud detection and elimination. I have several books in various stages of preparation on the subject of business fraud. 
I am a past Fortune 500 Corporate Manager.

I am also a world traveler. Not only have I either lived or visited every state in this country, I have visited and lived for a time in Canada, and many countries in Europe, South America, and Asia.

And finally, I am a published author. As a three time “#1 Bestselling Author” on Amazon, my books are being sold around the world in 5 continents and 7 international markets.

2.   Where do you see your writing taking you in the future?
If you could go back ten years into my past and ask me if I would write a book, I would have given you a dozen reasons why I was not qualified and unworthy. But here I am, a published author of many books and articles, with people around the world benefiting from my knowledge and experience. As you see from my experience, I have a wealth of ideas to draw from for the books to come.

It has become hard at times to keep up with potential book concepts and ideas. With four books complete, several being translated in many languages and into audio books, and with many books in various stages of completion, I have never been so successful, and bound out of bed every morning with a drive to do more…

3.   How do you use your talents/time to help others?

I sincerely believe that my existence in this world is to make a difference to others, to inspire others, and to improve the condition around me by helping others. I do this by sharing my knowledge and beliefs in the vehicle of writing books, giving presentations, and teaching classes. Not only do I teach martial arts and self-defense classes, I also teach classes on beginning Japanese language, beginning Japanese writing, assisting authors in writing books and getting published, and assisting those in business in the areas of business fraud, business ethics, and ancient Chinese strategies that are being used in business every day.

Gary "Dutch" Hinkle, AAS, BS, PhD
6th Degree Black Belt Master Ju-Jitsu Instructor (Kyoshi)
Expert in Martial Arts and Self-Defense
45 years of experience / over 9 Black Belts 


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  1. Very interesting Blog - Loved hearing more about you, Dutch! You are an inspiration.


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