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Writers4Higher features Felicia S.W. Thomas

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This issue, Writers4Higher features

Felicia S.W. Thomas

Hi, Felicia. Welcome to the Writers4Higher family!

Tell me about yourself. Your book(s), your life, your inspiration.

My name is Felicia S.W. Thomas. I currently live in Quincy, FL, where I was born and raised. I have been married to Baron Thomas for 14 years, and we are the parents of three beautiful children – Adahlia, 13, Anaya, 11, and Aaron, 9. Besides being a wife and mother, my greatest achievement has been becoming an author. I am an attorney by trade, but my passion has always been writing. I have been writing since elementary school and dreaming of becoming an author for years. My lifelong dream culminated in 2011 when I published my first book, a young adult novel titled “80 Proof Lives”. My life changed. I have been invited to several schools, universities and churches to discuss my novel, as well as my personal story and the importance of writing. Many local schools have used “80 Proof Lives” in the classroom. The Gadsden County School Board in Quincy, FL, will be placing “80 Proof Lives” in every middle and high school in the district. I have the distinction of being the first African American to receive an award from the Florida Publishers Association in the young adult category. I am currently working on my next novel, about which I’m very excited. I have met some wonderful people since becoming an author myself. My inspiration comes from God, my family and my fellow authors.

Where do you see your writing taking you in the future?

I see my writing taking me to many conferences around the nation and the world, into classrooms and movie theaters. I will write many more novels, including the sequel to "80 Proof Lives", murder mysteries, legal thrillers and children's books. I'm currently working on my second novel, another YA book. I also want to write screenplays and stageplays. I want to obtain a MFA in Creative Writing and teach creative writing in elementary schools, where I first fell in love with reading and writing.

How do you use your talents/time to help others?

I tutor. I conduct writing workshops to help students improve their FCAT writing scores. I'm on the advisory board of the National Alliance for Mental Illness, Tallahassee Affiliate. I write for them, as well. I will also train to teach peer support classes. As a member of the Tallahassee Authors Network, I participate in community events that promote writing and literacy.

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Thank you, Felicia! We'll look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

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  1. Congratulations on the publication of "80 Proof Lives" and on is acceptance by the school system. What a great way to bring your storytelling to kids.



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