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Writers4Higher features Susan Malone

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The purpose of the Writers4Higher blog: to feature authors in a new light, a fresh look at the way writers use their talents and life energies to uplift humankind. Writers4Higher doesn’t promote religious or political views. Authors are asked to answer three simple questions: simple, yet complex.

This issue, Writers4Higher features

Susan Malone

 Hi Susan. Welcome to the Writers4Higher family!

1. Tell me about yourself. Your book(s), your life, your inspiration.

I am probably the most blessed person on the planet—I live in a world of words! My entire life revolves around them, whether writing, editing, speaking at literary conferences, etc. I’m one of those odd birds who writes full-length fiction and nonfiction, and short stories, and have been published in all three venues. When I’m not writing my own work, I’m editing someone else’s, or reading authors I love. Now you tell me—how does it get better than that! LOL. Nothing turns me on like a brilliantly crafted phrase, that take-your-breath-away moment where you can only sit back in awe and be glad you got to experience it.

2. Where do you see your writing taking you in the future:

I have to laugh, I am going in the opposite direction of the market. Well, not entirely, as I am writing something fairly commercial right now—WHAT’S WRONG WITH MY FAMILY—which I’m co-authoring with my psychiatrist brother (we collaborated on Five Keys for Understanding Men, which has seen a nice resurgence via e-books). But my own fiction is becoming more literary, which is my first love. I’m working on a novel right now set on a Texas vineyard. Dang, but all that research is such a hard job, which of course someone (me) has to do!

3. How do you use your talents/time to help others?

Well, that’s actually what I do every day. As a freelance book editor, I work with writers to not only bring their books up to publication standards and make them the best they can be, but to also teach them the skills and tools of great writing. Very little in this world is more gratifying to me than to see a writer “get” it. And I get to do that all the time. I’m a coach and mentor as well as an editor, and it’s like teaching baby birds to fly. When one of them takes off, no one is more proud than me!

Did I mention I get to live in a world of words? :)

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Thank you, Susan. Your expertise on writing is so appreciated!

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  1. One can't see too many words, in manuscripts or printed pages. Sounds like you're enjoying the view.


  2. What I love about words as opposed to life is the opportunity to rewrite. Don't like how things turned out? Wad it in a ball, toss it out and try something else.

    You not only get to write, but you get to encourage others to toss and reimagine. Pretty cool!



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